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The Dog Cabin

Puppy Groom
- At about 6 months your puppy will be ready for it's first groom. I aim to familiarise the puppy with the sights and sounds of The Dog Cabin with a gentle bath and dry. I will get them used to being handled especially having their feet touched which many dogs are nervous of.

Bath and Dry - 
The cabin has a hydrobath which pushes jets of water and shampoo deep into the coat. I have a range of doggy shampoos including deep clean,conditioning coconut and orange scented. A bath is included in a groom but if you  have a whiffy pooch  I can offer you a  bath and dry  rather than a full groom at a reduced cost.

Grooming -
A full groom includes ear cleaning, claws clipped and a bath and dry. The dog is then finished in the technique necessary for their breed, this may be clipped,scissored or hand stripped.


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