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Products I use

These are some of the products I use in The Dog Cabin during a groom.

Ear cleaner -
I use a specialised solution for wiping out the dogs ears to remove excess wax and dirt.

Eye cleaner - I use a solution to reduce tear stains, particularly on white dogs.

Shampoo -
  • Orange Multipurpose Shampoo for all coat types
  • Coconut Shampoo for silky coats
  • Deep Clean Shampoo for extra dirty coats
  • Medicated Tea Tree Shampoo for dogs with a sensitive skin
  • Puppy Shampoo which is gentle on the soft puppy coat.
  • Blueberry Shampoo for white coats
  • Anti Tangle Conditioning Shampoo
Finishing spray - When the groom is finished the dogs are sprayed with a perfumed coat conditioner.

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